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BAS Preparation



We have many BAS clients who present information to us using a paper based format.

Clients drop us or email their information, such as Bank Statements & Credit card Statements accompanied by the Invoices or a summary of them.

Others send Emails containing MS Excel spreadsheets or PDF or JPG images


We have many BAS clients who are using a cloud based accounting package solution.

To allow us to access your data, we should be “invited” as  the accountant.

Then we can do whatever is necessary to produce the BAS  & discuss the results based on the information entered by the client.


We will examine the information presented to us for the BAS and discuss any issues  that may adversely affect clients that we can see before lodgement of the BAS.

As part of  my role as the Accountant, I will provide advice on whether the BAS and its tax structure is set up & operated in a way that gives clients the best tax advantage.

As an Accountant in public practice , I have seen many cases of clients being disadvantaged by large tax bills because of the lack of BAS advice on clients circumstances in place of only providing End of year Income tax advice.

What to do next?

Contact my office and make a time to meet me to discuss your needs. You can meet me in my office or by using my Online meeting resources