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Member Video & Audio

Member Videos

The below shows one of the Member resources VIDEO & AUDIO PRESENTATIONS FEATURE, which Members can access from the Members area and be able to use to help them get a greater understanding of the different  taxation areas that may affect them.

Personal Taxes & Other Presentations Areas.
Business Tax & Other Business Areas
Video & Audio Presentations


Please go to the online Radio station section of the members to hear Audio presentations on various topics that will affect everyone’s Tax Return results.

Please CLICK HERE to to to the Online Radio page.


Please click on the link below to see a Video presentation, which i thought was from the ATO., but then again maybe this is not correct

Maybe they did this, to make up for the removal of the Low & Middle income offset and made some people pay tax for the first time in years & reduced other people’s tax refunds

Please click the Link for some “early Christmas Cheer”