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There are many important changes being made by the ATO that will affect the 2023 Income tax returns for Individuals & Business that people should understand and so take the necessary action from now onwards so that their Tax Refunds are Greater or Tax Payables are Less. 

These changes require  you start to take action as soon as possible before the end of the  30 June to make sure the expense claims in the Tax returns are not denied  by the ATO or Expense claims that could have been made are now lost due to the inaction.  

Changes for individuals such as  Work-From-Home, and Changes for Small Business such as claims for Business Assets, if not properly understood will  have major negative effects tax return refunds & Payables.

For Website Members please go into the Online Radio station where you can hear me explain these changes in the Document area you can download the related document. click here

If you are not a Website Member, use the Contact area to join up as a taxation client and so be able to join as a member of the website so you can access the Broadcasts & Documents, and learn what to do before 30th June to make sure the ATO will not deny  your 2023 Tax return claims  and so reduce your refund or increase your payable click here