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Stop Press!!

December 2018

Christmas is here & so is the start of the Rollout of my New Internet based Technology.

What I have done is created a NEW WAY to use technology on the Internet.

The “Live Stream” Link found in the section “Features” is using my New Meetings software.

Over the next week, I will have finished  a special version which involves less steps to stream which I will use for  Live streaming.

For now, pls enjoy the start of the rollout.

Just so you know about what you see & hear when you click on the “Live Stream”:   You will see & hear what is playing on my office PC.

The technology allows me to run multiple streams using different PCs & by clicking on different links you will see the different presentations.

What I am trying to do is have an Online TV network of stations. Which is why I have created an entity called: the Synagism Media Corporation