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Online Radio

Recent operational changes at the radio station mean that we will be continuosly Broadcasting  on a 24 /7  basis. ( unless an unforseen situation arises)

These changes have been brought about as a result of my new 24/7 Live Streaming feature, which will show Vision & Sound on your mobile device


We are part of the Online Radio Network, produced out of the Jasper Road Studios.

Why have a Radio feature on the website? 

Shepperd & Co. provides a service that delivers more than just completing a Tax return or give advice to clients on a one-off basis.

My service is all about delivering Information in innovative ways to provide information to help people control their tax affairs.

The online radio station is my way of using technology to provide Information about current developments in taxation & providing my views, Advice & strategies in relation to the current developments & Tax in general.

Live to Air Broadcasts

The Radio station will broadcast my recorded playlist of information , as well as during the week my Live to Air comments on various Tax & other areas of business as they arise.

My service is NOT A PODCAST, but a live streaming audio service, which complements my Live (Vision & Audio) streaming feature Vision & Audio dcasting on a Live to Air basis using both Live comments & recorded contents of my thoughts  intermixed with Music & other recordings of interest.

Recorded Broadcasts 

Recordings of previously recorded materials are in our “Show Reels” section. These are available for listening  at anytime and contain two types of recordings:

Firstly, a selection of important past Live to air  Broadcasts can be heard.

Secondly, specially recorded information segments about important issues can be heard

CLICK HERE Anytime to hear past recorded Broadcasts (Show-Reels)