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Income Tax Returns & Advice

Tax Return Preparation


Clients can meet me in my office In Jasper Road Bentleigh

To make an Appointment time to see me please call the office on 03 9563 9370  or leave a detailed message on my answering machine .

We encourage new clients to email us their personal details before the meeting to allow do some pre-meeting preparation.

At the meeting, advice is provided at no extra charge on the information  presented & options presented about actions that can be taken based on clients circumstances to get better tax results.


Shepperd & Co’s offers an online meeting option. Our specially  developed online meeting software replicates the in office experience with the same  processes & procedures used as in the street based office meeting

This option is controlled by the clients who access my online diary from the tab at the top of the website  to setup the meeting

Tax Return Lodgment Finalisation


Our approach to finalisation for Lodgement of the Tax Returns combines the use Traditional processes & specially developed technology.

We can use traditional methods as used by other accountants, such as phone calls & emails & office meetings so clients can understand their tax results & approve lodgement.

We extend the traditional methods via the application of special technology that allows clients to see their tax returns on any internet device they use such as a mobile phone or tablet without any software or app downloads.

We then discuss the resulting tax return produced with the client & if any changes need making they can be done at the time & clientssee the results  live on their device before lodgement

My approach uses the Internet to deliver a more efficient, convenient & time saving way of doing things than currently used by others.

This approach produces a Bigger Refund or Pay Lower Tax