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BAS Preparation

As a professional Tax Accounting firm we have many years of  experience Preparing & Electronically Lodging BAS returns for clients. We can use whatever format the Information is presented by the client in Manual or Electronic forms. If the client uses Cloud based Accounting systems or uses a PC based system, there is no problem in us including in our systems for preparation & Lodgement with ATO

Tax Consulting

I provide Tax & General advice for both Personal & Incorporated & Non-Incorporated Business clients. For Business clients I also provide Business & Accounting advice & make recommendations as to their Tax affairs to operate their business in the most tax effective way & to  get the most effective tax structure. Clients can either call me ( if a quick question) or make a time to see me for a longer time in my office or Online using my Online tech.

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Taxation Returns

We Prepare & Lodge Income Tax Returns for clients, whether in business or not, covering Individuals, Partnerships, Trusts & Companies. The information can be presented in any format  whether Paper , PC or Cloud based.  I will review & Advise on the  completeness of the information needed to complete the Tax Return. I also provide recommendations as to ways to get a better result

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Business Development Advice

We can also provide a  Business Development service to help develop your business. Our specially developed online advisory meetings resources which provides clients with the ability to access me  at any time needed. The resources comprising features like  Video, Audio,Screen & Document sharing & others is perfectly designed for Business Development tasks.

Online Meetings

We offer clients our uniquely developed Online Communications Web Apps designed for different forms of online meetings.

We have made these different methods of Meetings, easy to use as a simple click of a mouse or screen touch if using a mobile & without the need to instal any software into the device

Advanced Interactive Online Webapps

The Web-Apps we created are designed to be used as an interactive online tool  between us and the client to deliver our services to them

The web- apps  developed  are Video & Audio based usable on mobiles or laptops

Clients will enjoy the benefits of what we have created, being a new powerful way to communicate with our clients, without the worry of Covid exposure.