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Tax Returns

We prepare & Lodge Tax Returns for Individuals, Partnerships, Companies and trusts, whether in Business or not.

The clients can present the information in any format they use, whether Paper based or Cloud based


To begin the Tax Preparation process, for those who prefer  my service delivered using the traditionally used Accountant office meeting you can contact the office on 03 9563 9370 to make an Appointment to see me during the normal office hours, as listed on the Website

For those who prefer more of an online Video/ Audio based service office meeting, please contact the office to make an appointment for a time either during or outside normal business hours.

You are always welcome to pop into the office to say “hi” & ask me anything  at anytime  whether you wish to have meetings witb me using online or offline methods


Whether using an Online or offline Tax Preparation approach as part of the finalization of the process, I will use whichever of my office resources is deemed as the most suitable for each style of client interaction.

I will use my systems  to help me to provide advice on  & make changes to the information presented to make sure with clients in the Pre-Lodgement Review process that  nothing is missed before lodging the Tax Return.

This unique designed way of Preparation & Lodgement of Tax Returns results in a Greater Level of Refunds or Lower levels of tax payable than that being used now by others