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What the Website is all about


The Shepperd & Co. website is no ordinary “Brochure” style Website, it provides information about Shepperd & Co. Taxation services ,and enables people to select Shepperd & Co to handle  their Personal & Business affairs.

The website also performs the role that it provides access to a range of Online Audio & Video & text information about different areas of tax to help people understand their taxes.

The information is presented in an easy to understand way by me explaining about different tax issues & my opinion about what clients should be aware of when taking action.

The information is provided in a similar way that clients would experience when they get when in an office meeting and asking me questions It contains my un and    taxation issues that may affect them and  different are Website Members to help

These unique resources  are in different formats such as Online radio station broadcasts, Video Presentations, as well as text based  documents.

This means that Website members are able to access our continually updated range of different online Resource  library of information I have created which clients can use to Educate themselves online.

This means they have the benefit of my skills & experience on various tax topics  so as to better understand their taxes at times that suit themselves.


Shepperd & Co. as you can see is all about ongoing communicating towards its clients to help clients all year round & not once a year & so fix your tax headaches before they happen

Our special Member  emailing  system  will enable us to send email alerts to keep Website Members informed about tax developments during the tax year,  so they can take action during the year to get a BIGGER REFUND or PAY LESS TAX before its too late because they saw me after the end of the financial year.